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Brewery | July 18 Update

By The Curious Team, July, 12 2018

For some time now stories have been emerging of a curious new building coming to Ashford, Kent – and this week for the first time a glimpse of that future can finally be seen above those black hoarding boards just a few steps away from Ashford International Train Station.

The Curious Brewery has finally begun to rise out of the ground with the arrival of the first steels, from here on out the structure of the Brewery will begin to become visible to all as it continues to rise and grow.

For those not in the know the site is situated in the heart of Ashford town centre, just a few steps from Ashford International train station.

Once open aside from brewing great curious beer, we want to change the perception of a brewery tour, offering a different proposition to standard brewery tours by adding a wine-makers twist to the concept. We will completely modernise the experience, adding elements such as how beer is served, what beer goes well with different types of food, what’s the difference between beers. Why it is special, what’s interesting and what’s ‘curious’ about it.  We will give visitors knowledge and do that in and entertaining and engaging way.”

Keep a look out on email and across our social accounts for more details on the brewery to come over the coming months as it continues to grow, and we have more exciting content to share!