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Brewery Update | 5 April 19

By The Curious Team, April, 5 2019

Getting closer to the finish line now!

This week work has begun on the steel walkway that will span the length of the Brewery, giving access to the tops of the fermenters. Inside the Brewery work has progressed quickly on Miss Adams (our Brewhouse), with mechanical and electrical installation continuing at speed, as we near commissioning dates. The glycol cooling system and CIP systems are also now starting to take shape as our mechanical contractors APS race against the clock.


Meanwhile, up in the restaurant tiling is almost complete, scaffolding is finally down, giving us a great view of the mezzanine level and a true feeling of how big this space is going to be and most importantly we have lights! Whilst the building work continued the team and I continued our Curious Brewing adventure, producing another new beer which will be available for opening at our restaurant and tap room.

However the highlight of the week happened on Thursday when we took delivery of our new #beerdefender…… we still don’t have a name yet, so any suggestions welcome – let us know on Instagram!

Look out next week as we start to introduce our new Brewing team!!