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Countdown To The Brewery | Week 2

By The Curious Team, March, 15 2019

Not only have we released our refreshed identity this week, Curious Brewing, I am also very proud to be able to introduce you to our Curious Brewhouse ‘Miss Adams’ – where did she get her name you ask, let me tell you!

The site of Curious brewery had previously been occupied by Beaver Road Junior School until it was demolished by a bomb during WWII. The school was one of a number of buildings hit in a raid on 24th March 1943. Thankfully all children at the school had been evacuated to safety at a nearby shelter. The head teacher, a Miss Adams, received an award for her actions, which ultimately saved the children lives.

Over the next 3 weeks ‘Miss Adams’ will be carefully constructed, before being cleaned and polished, both inside and out. Once operational, each brew will produce approximately 3,000 pints of our Curious Brew. All the waste produced, including spent grain and trub (waste hop and protein material), will be sent to local farms as cattle feed. In turn these farms will then supply the meat to be served in our restaurant.

Stay tuned next week for more updates on Curious Brewing and our journey to opening the Brewery!