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Countdown To The Brewery | Week 3

By The Curious Team, March, 22 2019

Another exciting and busy week over at Curious Brewery and it’s been a really important one for us.

Utilities might not be the fanciest part of the Brewing process but it is critical to ensure the quality and consistency of our beers.

This week our water tanks arrived. They each hold approximately 25,000 litres of water (!) which is not only used to clean the Brewery equipment, but also as a direct ingredient in our beers.

All our water will be treated on site to ensure salt level, pH, and oxygen content are optimum for beer quality and for the different styles of beer we will be producing. (Lots of new exciting ranges in the pipeline for the coming year!)

The last few parts of our CO2 plant also arrived this week, which will supply our fermenters with 600kg/hr of CO2. This minimises the oxygen pick up in the beer and maximises freshness, giving you the great Curious Brew taste we all know and love.

And finally our Curious Brewing question mark was erected on the outside of the Brewery! An eye catching feature of the site, it will sit behind an impressive waterfall – keep an eye out for when this starts flowing.

We look forward to updating you with the next week’s antics at Curious Brewery!