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Introducing Matt!

By The Curious Team, October, 16 2018

Matt Anderson our new Head Brewer, joins our team at Curious Brewery from AB-Inbev where he accrued more than a decade of professional beer industry experience working on some of the world’s biggest beers!

Our MD of Beer Gareth caught up with Matt to learn how curious he is about great quality beer, check out the interview below ⬇.

GB: Hey Matt! We are so excited that you have joined the team here at Curious Brewery and Chapel Down. We are curious to hear more about the journey that brought you to Ashford…

MA: 2018 is my 11th year within the Beer industry. To date I have spent my entire career at AB-Inbev, starting off within the Packaging Quality Lab of the Stag Brewery in Mortlake, London as a technician, helping to introduce some of the first O2 scavenging crown liners to the UK.

GB: Nice to hear you’ve been on the front lines of beer quality since day 1. What else did you get up to while at ABI?

MA: After 2 years of life in the big city in 2009 I went back to my homeland of Wales and to the Magor Brewery, Caldicott. I spent a very happy 7 years in Magor working mainly within the Brewing department as a Brewer, Shift Line Manager and finally Brewmaster / Brewing Manager from 2013-16. Through this time I was also able to continue my academic studies and completed my IBD Diploma along with the AB-Inbev Brewmaster Program, finishing in the #1 spot for Europe. I finished my career with AB-inbev in the same place that I started, back in Packaging. This time as Packaging Manager in the Samlesbury Brewery near Preston. Here I was responsible for 2 Bottling lines, 1 can line & a keg line, producing over 3 million HL’s of beer a year. The biggest bottling line produces over 100k bottles per hour and remains one of the fastest in Europe.

GB: Very impressive sir! You must have been part of some pretty big initiatives in that time?

MA: At Magor I was very lucky to be able to introduce Budweiser, Becks & Stella 4% to the Brewery, brands which now make up more than 50% of their annual volume. During this time we were also able to make several new instalments, increasing the capacity of the Brewery with new Mash Filters, CV’s and Fermentation Vessels. And in just over 2 years as packaging Manager I was again very lucky to be involved in the launch of new brands to the UK, with the launch of Bud Light in 2017 and Brahma cans in 2018.

GB: Ah. So we’ve got you to blame for Bud Light and Stella 4. I’m not sure this can be easily forgiven!! What led you to the world of beer?

MA: I studied Molecular Genetics at Cardiff University but never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, but the fast paced environment of the food industry really excited me and of course being a student I was a big fan of Beer…..a match made in Heaven!

GB: Any particular favourite beers you have been fortunate to try over your time in the industry?

MA: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

GB: Mmmmmmmm.

MA: Mmmmmmmm.

GB: Sorry folks. Lost in a world of beery indulgence for a moment there. So after such a successful career to date at ABI, what brought you to the doors of our mecca of brewing here at Curious in Ashford?

MA: It’s time to get back to the Brewing! The opportunity to join the Curious team, build a brand new Brewery (in a very beautiful part of the UK), brew & grow some great existing brands, whilst introducing some new ones is an opportunity I could never turn down. I would really like to be part of a team that changes the way the consumer thinks and drinks beer and at Curious, with the unique twist of a wine making heritage, this is something I really believe we can achieve.

GB: Amazing. I’ll drink to that! Cheers!!

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