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Matt’s Weekly Brew | 8 May 19

By The Curious Team, May, 6 2019

This is the week! The Curious Brewery Restaurant, Bar and shop will open to the public this Friday!

With all the restaurant and retail staff now in place; this week has mainly been taken up with training in preparation for the grand opening this Friday. In the kitchen the chefs have been busy finalising and practising the menu, which we were all able to taste….it’s a tough job! I’m particularly excited about the popcorn cockles 😊.

We also had an amazing opportunity this week to thank all of our Platinum shareholders for both their investment and continued support of Curious Brewing. On Thursday evening we opened the doors to celebrate with them, as we took a guided tour of the Brewery hall, sampled some food in the restaurant and shared a couple of beers in the tap room. It was also a great excuse to turn the waterfall on for the first time!

Doors open to the public at 5pm on Friday 10th May. For dining; our booking system is now live on the Curious Brewing website, but if you just fancy coming along for a beer we look forward to welcoming you!

I look forward to seeing you at the Brewery this weekend!