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Meet the Team | Anna Warneke

By The Curious Team, April, 10 2019

Get to know Anna our latest addition to the Brewery team in a Q&A  with Matt our head brewer below!

MA: Hey Anna can you share with our fans what you will be doing with us at the brewery:

AW: Once our team is complete I’ll be supervising the brewing production team. This includes brewing beer and ensuring high product and hygiene standards in the production area.

MA: You have been involved in brewing since 2013 can you tell us what you have been doing?

AW: I studied Brewing up to brew master level in Germany and worked in different breweries in Germany and America. Most recently I worked as a brewer for BrewDog up in Scotland.

MA: And what are you most passionate about when it comes to brewing?

AW: Recipe development and product improvement!

MA: So what are your favourite beer styles?

AW: Lager (mainly Pilsners), Flanders Red Ale and Weizenbock

MA: All good choices! To help our beer fans get to know you better though how would you describe yourself if you were a beer style?

AW: A Pilsner. I’m German, pale and slightly bitter!

MA- Good choice! Most importantly though what is your go to Curious beer? 

GA: Curious Brew

MA: Finally, what excites you the most about being part of Curious Brewing? 

GA: I like the “winemakers twist” in every beer. It opens up a different part of the industry to me and gives us an extra challenge when we’re creating new recipes. I’m also excited about joining Curious in such an early stage. It’s amazing to see all the small bits coming together. I can’t wait to start production in the new place and release more great beers!

Look out for more in our Meet the Team series coming soon!