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Meet the Team | Dan Barron

By The Curious Team, April, 26 2019

Get to know Dan our latest addition to the Brewery team in a Q&A  with Matt our head brewer below!

MA: Dan can share with our fans what you will be doing with us at the brewery:

DB: I will be creating the Brewing and Packaging plans, to make sure we never run out of our Curious range! I will also ensure all our raw materials and packaging materials arrive on time and meet our high quality standards.

MA: What are you most passionate about when it comes to beer? 

DB: Learning! This is my first role in a Brewery, prior to this I was a Business Development Manager…so this is a little different and a lot cooler! I love learning about new beers, styles, so discovering how we want to tackle this at the brewery is just one of the things I am looking forward to most!

MA: Now for the real questions – what are your favourite beer styles?

DB: Lager, Blondes, Saisons…

MA: All good choices! To help our beer fans get to know you better though how would you describe yourself if you were a beer style?

DB: The other’s in the team have started calling me “Sensible Dan” so probably got to go with something classic like a Cask Ale.

MA- Good choice! Most importantly though what is your go to Curious beer? 

DB: Curious Brew, in bottle, while I’m sat in the sun!

MA: Finally, what excites you the most about being part of Curious Brewing? 

DB: The team! We try get people to think differently about beer and make a core range that highlights how versatile beer can be – this team are certainly up for that challenge! I think we have brought together some really talented people, who have a lot of passion for what they do and their part in the process that makes us Curious Brewing.

Look out for more in our Meet the Team series coming soon!