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Meet the Team | Wesley Lynch

By The Curious Team, April, 26 2019

Get to know Wesley our latest addition to the Brewery team in a Q&A  with Matt our head brewer below!

MA: Hi Wesley can you share with our fans what you will be doing with us at the brewery…

WL: I am our new Technical Brewer, the main aspect of my role will be to ensure that our beer is produced in specification and on time, so that the drinker can always enjoy the top-quality Curious Brew they expect!

MA: You have been involved in brewing for 6 years can you tell us what you have been doing?

WL: I started off in an American micro-brewery, did a brewing degree in Scotland, and finally landed in Kent where I was Head Brewer at Old Dairy Brewery in Tenterden.

MA: And what are you most passionate about when it comes to brewing?

WL: As brewers we have an old adage: “Brewers make wort, yeast makes beer.”  I love seeing how yeast transforms water, malt, hops and yeast into the drink we love.

MA: And what is your favourite beer style?

WL: Every beer style has a time and a place.  If I had to choose, though, it would be American-style IPAs or classic Belgian Abbey ales.

MA: Being an American how would you describe yourself if you were a beer style?

WL: Well as an American, I could opt for the obvious answer and say an American IPA, but I would rather say a Belgian Trippel – unassuming and sophisticated but packs a punch!

MA- Amazing, good choice! Most importantly though what is your go to Curious beer? 

WL: You can’t beat the clean, crisp drink-ability of Curious Brew.

MA: Finally, what excites you the most about being part of Curious Brewing? 

WL: I like that the brand is about constant curiosity and the drive to be innovative which are two very helpful traits in craft brewing. Plus Chapel Down Group as a whole are about the provenance of the products they produce, such as the Kentish grapes in the wine, so I am excited to help bring that to the brewing side of the business as we source (and hopefully grow!) Kentish hops, malts, and possibly even yeast!

Look out for more in our Meet the Team series coming soon, if you would like to join our team look out for roles on our careers page!