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New Year Brewer Update

By Curious Brewing, January, 17 2020

January is historically a quiet month for the Brewer.  It offers a chance to breathe following a frantic Christmas peak, during which up to 15% of the annual production can be brewed, packaged and sold. However, things are not quite the same here at Curious.

With a process time of 42 days – one of the longest for a domestic lager – we are already looking ahead to Spring and so began firing up the Brewhouse again on the 27th December, whilst most people were still enjoying the remnants of their Christmas turkey.

We also put our own twist on ‘Dry January’ with the launch of our dry-style Bacchus Brut IPA. Fermented with grapes from our 2019 Bacchus harvest, the newest member of our Curious family has been fermented to a final gravity of 0.998.  This has resulted in a beer with a super dry finish that’s packed full of delicate aromas, replicating some the characters you would expect to find in our sparkling wines.

One of the things I am most excited for in 2020 is our new ‘Beer-Meats-Cheese Experience’ at the Brewery.  In December I had the envious job of tasting some award-winning local cheeses and charcuterie that both complement and contrast with our range of beer & cider. The £50 experience includes a full guided tour of the brewery, tutored beer tasting and food pairing, plus a gift bag to take home.

Matt Anderson, Head Brewer