"The second chapter of our Curiouser & Curiouser story and the limited barrel aged deluxe edition!"
Curiouser and Curiouser: C2 & Barrel Aged C2

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Chapter 2 is a dry, fruity Saison with notes of elderflower and grapefruit brining zesty, crisp and light flavours - perfectly complimented by delicate vinous, floral and soft fruit notes of Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops.


Barrel aged Chapter 2 is a limited deluxe edition of the second chapter in the Curiouser & Curiouser collection. For this beer we filled a single Chapel Down Pinot Noir Barrel and conditioned our Chapter 2 Elderflower and Bacchus saison for 6 months. Incredibly rare, this sumptuous saison sings with soft and discerning qualities from its time spent on wood. Put your feet up and enjoy the melodies, served with a fine Mayfield cheese.

Both beers are limited deluxe edition beer is packaged individually in a 75cl bottles and shipped as a case of 2.

2 Cans/Bottle Case
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A dry, fruity Saision.

A dry, fruity saison. Elderflower & Grapefruit peel provide zesty, crisp and light flavours, perfectly complimented by soft refined oak and red fruit characteristics from 6 months conditioning in Chapel Down Pinot Noir barrels. Our Bacchus yeast allows the classic fruit characteristics of the saison really shine and refresh.

The beer is packaged in a 75cl wine bottle, a nod to its winemaking influence and was produced in partnership with Brew By Numbers


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